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2018 暑期海外兒童及青少年華語夏令營問與答/2018 Mandarin Summer Camp FAQ





Q1: Who is qualified to attend the program?

A: The students allowed to participate in the program are between the ages of six (6) and fifteen (15.) On the first day, each student will be assessed for their Mandarin proficiency (both written and verbally.) Although no Mandarin experience is necessary, students will be divided based on proficiency and age. Each class will have a range of eight (8) and twelve (12) students.





Q2: How are tuition and fees allocated?

A: The summer camp fee includes culture activity materials, lunch, mid-day snacks, transportation cost to and from field trip destinations, field trip entrance fees, and meals during the field trips. Each student is also insured during the course of the summer program (There is a NT$1,000,000 accident insurance policy and a NT$100,000 hospital insurance policy for each participant.)



A: 連續報名兩梯次的學員,活動費用以兩梯次計算,唯報名費(新台幣1,000)僅收取一次,而中心之隊服、書包、餐具、水壺、中心作業本、筆、華語課程教材,每位學員亦僅提供一份。


Q3: What happens if I sign up for two sessions?

A: For those who sign up for both sessions, the second application fee will be waived (NT$1000). Each attendee will also be given a CLEC shirt, a book bag, a set of meal utensils, a water bottle, a CLEC workbook, CLEC writing utensils, and schooling materials (textbooks, workbooks, etc.). Each student will only be able to receive one set of the items listed above.





Q4: How do I sign up for the summer program? After applying for the program, how will I be notified?

A: You are able to directly fill in the application form online or you may download the application form and fill it out by hand. Please fill out this application form and send it to us either by mail or email (please do not fax us the application). After we receive notice confirming your registration, within two (2) working days, we will email you with a confirmation and payment notice. You must complete all requirements in this payment notice within five (5) working days; if not, you will be automatically dropped from our roster and must reapply. If you do not receive a notice from us within two (2) working days, please email or give us a call.

After all registration and payment forms are completed, we will send you a notification certifying that your child is signed up for the program. About a month before the start of the summer program, we will send you reminder email. Because e-mail is the best way to reach the parents, we hope that the parents routinely check their e-mails in case a change has to be made.




1.現場繳費:可以直接到華語文中心辦公室(篤行樓2Y202)以現金繳費。繳費時間為上午9:00-12:00及下午13:30 -16:30




˙地址:1F,No. 71,Sec. 4, Jhongsiao E. Rd.,

        Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan(R.O.C.)


˙戶名:National Taipei University of Education


˙匯款事由:2018 Mandarin Summer Camp



        ˙帳號:185350004176       ˙戶名:國立臺北教育大學校務基金405專戶



Q5: What are the different methods which I may pay for the summer program?

A: The different methods which you may choose from are as follows:

1.     Pay on site: You may go directly to the Chinese Language Education Center office (Duxing Building, 2 Floor, and Room Y202) and pay in cash (New Taiwan Dollar only) during office hours (9:00 AM-12:00 PM and 13:30 PM-16:30 PM.)


2.     Bank transfer from outside of Taiwan:



˙ Address: 1F. No. 71, Sec. 4, Jhongsiao E. Rd.,

Da-an District, Taipei City 106. Taiwan (R.O.C.)

 ˙ Account Name: National Taipei University of Education

˙ Swift Code: CTCBTWTP

˙ Account Number: 185540157228

˙ Title: 2018 Mandarin Summer Camp


3.     Bank transfer from within Taiwan (國內匯款):




After making the fund transfer, please go back to our website and complete the transfer application, so we may verify the transfer. Please do not make a transfer via ATM, as it would make the verification process more difficult.





Q6: Will meals be provided?

A: Over the course of the program, CLEC chaperones will provide meals and snacks. The meals will include Taiwanese snacks and Taiwanese- style lunches, as well as Western and Japanese-style meals. If a student indicated in the application of any unique requests (e.g. vegetarian, various food allergies, preference not to eat a certain meat like beef, pork, or seafood), our staff will make sure that those requests are fulfilled.



A:本校因校舍有限,且僅提供有學籍之在校生(如大學生、研究生等)住宿使用,所以無法提供短期學生住宿。 且基於學童安全性的考量,建議與家長或是親友同住。    


Q7: Is it possible for the student to be provided lodging?

A: Because lodging facilities are limited, as well as the fact that there are other students (e.g. undergraduate students, graduate students, etc.) using the facilities, we are unable to provide lodging for the summer program students. Also, for the safety of each student, we recommend that they stay with their parents or with a close family member.





Q8: What will happen to the program if there is a hurricane?

A: In the event of an incoming typhoon, we will wait for the response of Taipei officials. If they broadcast, “All classes are to be cancelled,” then we will cancel classes for that one day. Because the cancelling of classes by Taipei officials is out of our control, we will be unable to refund fees for that day.





Q9: Following the conclusion of the program, will the participant receive a certificate of completion?

A: Upon the conclusion of the summer program, we will provide graduation certificates as a way for the students to have a memory of the past summer. In addition, we will provide students and parents a copy of a CD which will include pictures and videos of the students during their schooling, cultural learning, various competitions, off-campus visits, etc.










Q10: If a student is unable to attend the summer program after signing up or decides to leave while the program is still in session, will they be able receive a refund?

A: The following is the refund policy:

You need to fill out a copy of CLEC’s refund form and also be able to provide the original receipt that has the account and payment information. The refund form must include the student and guardian’s information. It is important to note that the date for a prorated refund starts only after all necessary paperwork is turned into the office. After all paperwork is completed, you may need to wait up to ten (10) working days for the funds transfer to complete.

Important notes:

1.       If you choose to withdraw from the program before the start of the program, we will recoup up to ninety percent (90%) of the tuition fee; the registration fee is non-refundable.

2.       If you choose to withdraw from the program one-third into the program, we will recoup up to half (50%) of the tuition fee; the registration fee is non-refundable.

3.       If the program is unable to proceed due to lack or participants, you will be refunded one-hundred percent (100%) of the tuition and registration fee.


Q11:校外文化參訪的活動家長是否可以陪同孩子參加? 若因故取消,有沒有改期的可能?

Q11: Are the parents allowed to accompany the students on the extracurricular field trips? If a field trip is cancelled, will it be rescheduled?

A: For security reasons, the itineraries of the field trips are carefully planned and we have made sure the activities selected and are age-appropriate for the children. If a child is cannot to attend the a field trip due to age, health, personal reason, or parental reasons, the parent is allowed to withdraw the student from that particular trip. But the fee will not be refunded. Also, parents are not allowed to accompany the children on the field trips. CLEC reserves the right to modify or adjust the itinerary if certain circumstances (e.g. weather, cancellation by the location, etc.). If a trip is cancelled due to one of the reasons previously listed, we apologize in advance we will be unable to reschedule the particular trip due to scheduling constraints.




Q12: Is a student allowed to enter the program half-way through the program?

A: The course and its activities are planned in a way that is consistent with our educational philosophy and high standard of quality. Part of this standard includes that fact that each student must attend orientation and the various proficiency assessments. In order to maintain the quality of the course for each student and their parents and to prevent complications, we will not allow a student to enter midway through the program. It is allowed, however, for a student to leave the program early for whatever reason.



A:校址:106 臺北市大安區和平東路二段134號篤行樓2Y202搭捷運:可搭乘捷運文湖線〈棕線〉至『科技大樓站』下車,出站後向左步行往和平東路二段方向走約3分鐘路程,即可抵達。



Q13: How do I get to National Taipei University of Education – Chinese Language Education Center?

A: Address: Room 202, 2F, Duxing Building

No. 134, Sec. 2, Heping E. Rd.,

                Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Via MRT: Take Wenhu Line (Brown Line). Get off the subway when you arrive atMRT Technology Building Station. When you leave the subway station, turn left and walk along Fuxing S. Rd. until you reach the intersection of Fuxing N. Rd. and Heping E. Rd. After you cross the street, turn left and after about one (1) minute, you will arrive at your destination.

Via Bus: All possible bus routes include: 237, 15, 235, 284, 3, 52, 662, 685, 72, 278. Get off the bus atNational Taipei University of Education and you will arrive at your destination.


**This written promise is in Chinese and English and should any conflict arise, the Chinese text will prevail.

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