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Chinese Language Education Center(CLEC), a subsidiary of National Taipei University of Education(NTUE), was founded in the winter of 2006 for teaching Chinese as a second language. more than 1000 students from over 40 countries and territories from age 6 to 65 have learned Mandarin Chinese language in CLEC.

With 117 years of excellent history, NTUE(was founded in 1896) is one of prestige academic institutes in Taiwan. It plays an important role in development of primary education and teacher training programs, and has been highly regarded as an essential figure of the educational service. CLEC of NTUE help students who come from different culture and language backgrounds make rapid progress to reach the goal- learning to communicate in Chinese effectively.


  • 民國九十五年二月成立,民國九十六年十二月獲教育部國際文教處審查通過,正式對外招收外籍生。


  • 華語文教材之編纂與研發、刊物編撰發行。
  • 華人文化藝術與社會等相關教育課程之推廣。
  • 辦理海內外華語文師資認證課程/學分班。
  • 與校內相關系所合辦碩士在職專班。
  • 舉辦國際華語文學術交流考察活動,並與各國華語文機構進行學術交流及學生互訪。
  • 協助政府辦理海外華僑教育,編纂海內外華語文教材,培訓海外華語文師資;舉辦華語文文化藝術交流活動,擴展國民外交。
  • 推動華語語言及文字課程,以招收外籍人士並增進其華語文能力。
  • 辦理國際華語文能力檢測及華語文能力競賽活動。
  • 接受政府機關、學校、國內外公、私立機構與團體之委託,舉辦華語文教育訓練與相關進修課程,及其他與華語文相關業務事宜。