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Chinese Course

Terms and Tuition

CLEC offers four terms of courses each year. Each term lasts for 12 weeks (except the winter term, which only lasts for ten weeks). Chinese lessons are 3 hours per class and 15 hours a week. The class duration, total hours, tuition and payment, and application deadlines are listed below.

The start of each quarter is on the first workday of the months of March, June, September, and December. Classes are held every day, barring weekends and holidays.  


 Class duration

Total hours Tuition
Spring course
March to May
NT$27,000(including Registration Fee)
Summer course
June to Auguest
NT$27,000(including Registration Fee)
Fall course
September to November
NT$27,000(including Registration Fee)
Winter course
December to February
NT$27,000(including Registration Fee)

Registration Fee: NT$1000.




2021 Mandarin courses :



Commencement Date

2021 spring course


2021 summer course


2021 fall course


2021 winter course



Class Feature

The Chinese and Literature classes of our center are on the quarterly system. Each class is about 5~12 students. The teaching materials mainly focus on the introduction of Taiwan and the Chinese culture with the help of other foreign students' customs and cultures. Our teaching goal is to integrate the four abilities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing; moreover, we also focus on humane and aesthetic features of the Chinese script.

Humanities symbolize knowledge and humanism in Chinese culture, which is the key of Chinese cultural legacy. The aesthetic feature refers to the specific beauty such as script, phonology, figure, form, and image, which is the concrete embodiment of artistic beauty. The classes in our center concentrate on popular, useful and communicative functions to reinforce the demand of communication. Besides, through a situated-content dialogue, the common sentences and vocabularies can be learned. With the knowledge of Taiwanese and Chinese cultures, learners can efficiently learn the Chinese language.



Other Expenses and Fees

Student Group Accident Insurance Fee: About NT$150 for Three months. If the student has already bought other insurance to cover this, then he/she can choose not to buy the insurance.

The accident insurance policy provides coverage up to NT$200,000, but it is not medical insurance. Foreigners who get the ARC and stay in Taiwan for at least 6 months are eligible for and should be enrolled in the NHI Program.

Please refer to the NHI website for a full description.   


Class Periods

Class for each week: Monday ~ Friday

Class Period: 9:00-12:00 or 13:30-16:30

Total hours of class each week: 3 hours per class. 5 classes per week. A total of 15 hours each week.

Notes: Class schedules are arranged by our center.



Class Levels

Our program has three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Each level is then divided into several sub-levels. To complete the elementary level, students are required to complete 6 months of courses. To finish both the elementary and intermediate levels, students are required to complete at least one year of classes. Students will learn 1500 Chinese characters, 3000 word collocations and phrases, and more than 400 sentence patterns by the end of the intermediate classes. The advanced levels include several courses such as Chinese news study, business conversation, radio drama, Chinese culture and entry-level classical Chinese. To complete the whole set of courses, from elementary to advanced, a student needs to take classes for two years.


Placement Evaluation and Class Selection

After taking the placement test, students will be evaluated on their overall proficiency in Chinese and suitable classes will be suggested and arranged.


Application Procedure




 Applicants must be over 18 years old. The applicants are required to have completed at least high school education.

Please prepare all the necessary application forms and the related documents (written in Chinese or English) and bring them over to our center in person, or send them before the deadline (Applications with a postmark dated later than the deadline will not be processed).


Required Documents

1.       Application Form: MS Word format PDF formatODT format

2.       Completed application form with two of 2-inch photos

3.       A photocopy of the applicant’s high school or higher diploma: of most recently awarded diploma (or an university acceptance letter for graduating high school seniors or university/college transcripts). And a photocopy of a transcript of academic records (at least a high school transcript should be provided).

4.       Financial Statement: must be current (within the past 3 months) and show that the applicant has adequate funds to cover his or her intended period of study, to the extent of at least US$2,000. The statement must show that the name of a parent. The amount should be in U.S. dollars. This proof may be a dated bank statement or a letter from a bank on its letterhead written within the past 3 months. If using a parent's statement, the spelling must be the same as on the application and that parent must submit a letter guaranteeing willingness to support the applicant's stay in Taiwan. Proof of a scholarship or bank loan are also acceptable forms of documentation.

5.       Copy of your passport or, if available, your Alien Resident Certificate. If you don’t yet have a passport when you send your application, you may submit a copy of it later during registration at our center.

other required docouments(vietnam students only) : Foregin language proficiency certificate (Mandarin or English).


In the event that you need your documents at a later date. We recommends you photocopy all documents before submitting them.



Submitting Applications from Abroad

Please mail all documents to us, the address is

Chinese Address: 臺北市大安區和平東路二段134號篤行樓Y202室 華語文中心

English Address: Room Y202, Du-xing Building, No.134, Sec. 2, Heping E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Addressee: 華語文中心Y202室/ Chinese Language Education Center RoomY202


Submitting Applications in Taiwan

  All application materials should be submitted in person to the applications desk in our office (room Y202 of Du-xing building). Please bring your passport and visa. Applicants who have been granted a Ministry of Education scholarship should see Application for Admission. Applications will only be considered for the listed periods of study. We will not arrange individual classes for alternative periods or lengths of study unless specially arranged with a foreign institute. Please note that the names on each document must be spelled exactly as the names on the application form and passport.



  15 working days are required to process and verify all the documents. If the applicant is accepted, we will send an admission letter by registered mail. Those who have received the letter should register and pay the fees (application fee, tuition, etc.) on the registration day.Tuition fees must be paid in NT (cash). Unfortunately, we are as yet unable to accept payment by credit card.

  The registration fee is non-transferable. We will not make up classes nor make refunds for any class interruption caused by natural disasters (such as typhoons, earthquakes, flooding, etc.) and/or insurmountable human failure (such as war, electric power failure, etc.). The decision by CLEC to suspend classes must be based on the guidelines announced through the media by the TAIPEI CITY GOVERNMENT.



  Those who have received an admission letter should register on the registration day. The registration date is one week before the class starts. All registrations must now be made on site at the registration area on the date stated in the admission letter. Please bring the following documents to register:

1.       Admission letter

2.       Passport (for verification)

3.      Photocopies of passport (with the photograph and the name clearly visible) and visa

4.      Registration and tuition fees (should be paid in NT cash)

5.     Proof of insurance


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