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visa information

Please note that the following visa information is for your reference only. All the information shall be adjusted in accordance with the announcements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Immigration Agency.



Application Procedure


Foreigners who come to Taiwan to study Chinese must submit the documents and pay the processing fee at the nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency to apply for a visitor visa.


Submitted Documents Note
1. An original copy and a photocopy of CLEC admission letter CLEC admission letter
2.An original copy and a photocopy of your study plan Describe your motive and plan for studying Chinese
3.An original copy and a photocopy of your financial statement e,g, a proof of banking account balance or foreign remittance
4. An original copy and a photocopy of your passport Validity for at least 6 months and the passport must have blank page
5. Visa application form. Please attach two 2-inch color bust photos taken within the past 6 months The form must be signed by the applicants in person. The photo must be white in the background. The forms are available at visa application offices or can be downloaded from Bureau of Consular Affairs website.
6. Documents demanded by visa officers if required   


Application for a visa to come to the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Student could apply for "Visitor Visa"(valid for 60days) at the ROC(Taiwan) embassies, consulates or reoresentative offices located in their respective countries.

If there is no ROC embassy or representative office in your country, we suggest you to apply for your visa in the country where you plan to transfer the flight on your way to Taiwan, such as Hong Kong or representitive offices can be found at the website of Portal of Repulic of China(Taiwan) Diplomatic Missions.

Please note: A holder of non-extendable visa or an expired visa cannot have his/her visa extended in Taiwan. To renew his/her visa, he/she has to leave Taiwan to apply for a new one.

Foreigners are required to fill in of disembarkation forms(arrival forms) when entering Taiwan. Please fill in the university address for your address staying in Taiwan.



Extension of a visitor visa

Visitor visa holders who are permitted to stay in Taiwan for sixty days and whose visas bear no such remark such as "no extension will be granted" may apply at the nearest city/county National Immigration Agency for an extension for no more than 60 days. The visa holders are allowed to extend visas twice. The procedure for applying for an extension: Please obtain the “school enrollment certificate” and the “record of attendance” from the office.

The first extension: Bring the “school enrollment certificate” and your passport to a National Immigration Agency and fill out the necessary documents.

The second extension: Bring your passport, “school enrollment certificate,” and “record of attendance” to a National Immigration Agency and fill out the necessary documents to extend your visa.

If your visa has a remark such as "no extension will be granted" or you are holding a temporary visa (permit to stay for 14 or 30 days), you have to change your visa status by applying at the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then go to the National Immigration Agency for extensions. If your visa status cannot be changed, then you must depart Taiwan and re-apply for a new visa.

Students should begin preparing to apply for an extension before the visa expires. If students do not apply for an extension of the visa before it expires, they might not be allowed to extend the visa and they could possibly be fined or told to leave the country.

A visitor's visa can be extended in Taiwan twice. After that, you can either choose to change it to a resident visa, or choose to leave Taiwan and apply for a new visa outside of the country.

Go to the National Immigration Agency in Taipei City to apply for an extension if you live in Taipei city. If you live in Taipei County, go to the National Immigration Agency in Taipei County.

National Immigration Agency for different residents

*  For the residents of Taipei City:

National Immigration Agency-----Taipei City Office

1.     Address: No.15, Guang Jhou St., Jhong Jheng District, Taipei City.台北市廣州街15

2.     Traffic: Exit No.2 of Xiaonanmen MRT Station

3.     Tel: 02- 2389-998302-2388-9393

*  For the residents of Taipei County:

National Immigration Agency-----Taipei County Office

1.     Address: No. 168, Min-tsu Rd., Ban-chiau City, Taipei Count.台北縣板橋市民族路168

2.     Tel: 02-8964-796002-8964-693702-8964-716902-8964-7063


Related Organization

*  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

*    Address: 3~5 Fl., 2-2 Chi-Nan Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei , Taiwan, ROC

*    Service Hour: Monday ~ Friday 08:30~17:00

*    Tel:( 886 2) 2343-2888 Fax: ( 886 2) 2343-2968

*    Passport Help Phone: ( 886 2)2343-2807~8

*    VISA Help Phone: ( 886 2)2343-2885 (12:30~13:30為中午休息時間)

*    Tel for emergency:(886 3)398-2629

*  National Immigration Agency


*    Service Hour: Monday ~ Friday 08:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m. through the lunch hour,from Monday to Friday after November 30, 2007. (Before that date, the service centers are closed at 17:30 p.m. on every weekday).

*    Interactive Voice Response Inquiry Line:( 886 2) 2370-2797

*    Hot Line: ( 886 2)2389-9983

*    NIA Headquarters TEL:( 886 2)2388-9393

*    Call Center: 0800-024-111


Applying for Resident Visa and Alien Resident Visa(ARC)

You may apply to change a visitor visa to a resident visa after 4 consecutive months of studying in our language center, (or in any language center whose courses are accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and you may need to register for courses for the upcoming three months before you go to apply for a resident visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Step 1: In order to get a resident visa, you should go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the following documents

1.    The application form

2.    Passport

3.    A copy of the passport photo page and pages with entry/exit stamps

4.    Certificate of enrollment

5.    Record of attendance

6.    Proof of adequate finance (a document such as a bank account passbook or a bank statement of at least NT$50,000 or more)

7.    Two colored photographs taken within the last 6 months

8.    Application fees (About NT$ 3,000. For the actual amount, please refer to the updated release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Step 2: If you have a resident visa, you can apply for an alien resident visa(ARC). Please go to the National Immigration Agency in your area with the following documents required for an ARC application

1.    ARC application form

2.    Passport

3.    Certificate of enrollment

4.   .Record of attendance

5.    Two photos

6.    Application Fee (About NT$ 1000; to know the actual amount please refer to the updated news released by the National Immigration Agency. )

Extending an Alien Resident Certificate

*  Go to the National Immigration Agency that provides foreign affairs services with your passport, “Alien Resident Certificate,” “Certificate of Enrollment” and “Record of Attendance” and fill out the requested forms.