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Zoom視訊課程測試演練說明Zoom Video Courses Testing Exercise Instructions[配合政策,4/8起停用ZOOM]


National Taipei University of Education Zoom Video Courses Testing Exercise Instructions


March 26, 2020


  1. Although the university has not fully adopted distance education, considering the worsened epidemic and to respond to any possibility of epidemic’s influence on future classes or to meet specific epidemic prevention requirement, teaching staff can prepare ahead by testing with the U.S. Version Zoom’s free account. Please do invite all students from the classes to test a session of synchronized live video teaching before April 13, 2020.



  1. Three easy steps to test the video teaching classes:

第 1 步: 註冊美版Zoom使用帳號 è


Step 1: Register an account with the U.S. version of Zoom è

And download Zoom to your PC or Mac è

(The U.S. version of Zoom can have simultaneous connections up to 100 people. The original time limit was 40 minutes, but an actual test shows the duration can last over 2 hours). ※The term of usage and function of the free version is subject to the rules on Zoom’s official website.


第 2 步:登入Zoom,開啟新會議(記下您個人會議室的ID或連結),自我測試練習主持一場會議(課程) è


Step 2: Log into Zoom and start a new conference (mark down your personal conference room ID or link), self-test and practice hosting one conference (class) è

After logging in, first go through the editing and setting of  “meeting/conference” and “contacts” located on top of the screen. After starting a new meeting, please press “connecting audio” first and then choose an external microphone or computer audio device. Proceed to audio device testing to test the sound and video camera. Then, click on all the icons in the meeting screen to attempt to share screen (desktop, files, web pages, whiteboard functions, etc.), invite, manage participants, chat, record a video (be familiar with the output location of the saved teaching video), chat, end the meeting, etc., and other settings within the meetings.

第 3 步:演練一場Zoom視訊課程 è安排課堂演練時間,並事先通知修課學生(同時告知您的個人會議室ID)。演練時,請教師攜帶筆電(具音訊及視訊),教師開啟新會議(主持人) 發送您的個人會議室ID或連結網址,邀請 學生加入會議(課程) (學生可免註冊Zoom帳號,使用手機、平板或筆電加入會議)。開始視訊課程演練……

Step 3: Conduct a session of Zoom video classè Arrange a time and notify enrolled students ahead of the time (giving students your personal conference’s ID at the same time). During the exercise, teaching staff should bring a laptop (with audio and video functions). Teaching staff will initiate a new conference as the host; they should send their personal conference ID or the link to the conference and invite students to join the meeting (class). (Students do not need to register a Zoom account, they can use a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop computer to join the meeting). Begin the exercise of the video teaching session …


三、Zoom 操作說明:可連結Zoom(亞太地區)官網瀏覽各項功能操作說明


  1. Zoom’s operating instructions: Please go to Zoom (Asia Pacific region) official website for the instructions to all functionalities.

 四、謹提供本校計網中心「遠端視訊Zoom介紹如附件;並分享BTS 無界塾為因應防疫需求,推動一對多雙向視訊教學推廣企劃,邀請具相關經驗老師分享教學策略與注意事項提醒影片,敬請參考運用。



       ()了解BTS 無界塾一對多雙向視訊教學推廣企劃

  1. The attached file “Introduction to Distance Video Conference Zoom” is provided by the university’s computer and network center. “BTS By The Student” is driving a promotional program on one-to-many dual direction video teaching in response to the epidemic prevention; it is inviting teachers with relevant experiences to share their teaching strategies, and important notice reminder videos are also shared. These are references at your disposal.
  1. Teacher and teaching chapter
  2. Parents and students chapter
  3. Understanding BTS By The Students, one-to-many dual directions video teaching promotional program



Please refer to the “Dedicated Page for Distance Education” from the Division of Registration and Curriculum, Office of Academic Affairs for related references and methods for distance education, and system software’s authorizations and usages.



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