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因應新型冠狀病毒肺炎教師上課期間防疫注意事項(1090401)General Guidance for 2020 Novel Coronavirus in Classrooms






General Guidance for 2020 Novel Coronavirus in Classrooms

  •   上課期間,避免使用冷氣空調請同學進教室後立刻打開窗戶及前後門,維持室內通風以保持空氣流通,亦可評估是否開風扇。

Please avoid using air-conditioning during classes. To keep the classroom ventilated, teachers and students are responsible for opening windows and doors when entering.

  • 室內外均應保持防疫所需之適當社交距離(室內 1.5 公尺、室外 1 公尺),倘無法維持則應全面配戴口罩。大班授課或教室難以保持防疫所需適當社交距離之課程,應立即改善環境或調整授課方式,採取全面配戴口罩

Please practice social distancing in public spaces by keeping a distance of at least 1m when outdoors and 1.5m indoors. In larger classes where this minimum distance cannot be kept, all members should wear a mask.  

  •   提醒學生勤洗手並保持個人衛生習慣(如打噴嚏或咳嗽時需掩住口鼻,擤鼻涕後要洗手,妥善處理口鼻分泌物)。

Please wash hands regularly and keep good personal hygiene habits (e.g. cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands after sneezing, properly dispose of body secretions etc.).

  •   請老師或同學間主動關心彼此健康狀態,如有發燒(耳溫≧38℃/額溫≧37.5℃)、咳嗽或喉嚨不適等呼吸道症狀,請主動戴上口罩,並立即洽本校衛生保健組或立刻就醫

Teachers and students should care for one another. For anyone that has a cough, fever (ear temperature≧100.4℉/ forehead temperature≧99.5℉), or sore throat, please wear a surgical mask spontaneously and report to the Health Center or go to the hospital immediately.

  •   上課期間,建議老師上課避免使用麥克風(或可自備麥克風),如需使用,請責成班上同學於上課前擦拭麥克風


The usage of the classroom microphone is inadvisable (teachers could bring their own microphone instead). If need be, please sterilize the classroom microphone before use.

  •   教室門把、電源開關及教學視聽設備每日由各該負責工讀生進行擦拭消毒。

Classroom door handles, light switches, and audiovisual equipment will be disinfected every day.

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